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Portfolio Development


Art and Design Schools, Colleges and Universities typically require an art portfolio as part of the application process. 


A portfolio is a body of work containing between 15 to 30 pieces of artwork which shows how the student’s skills and ideas developed over a period of time. The ideal portfolio has a range of drawings, paintings, or 3D artwork in addition to the student’s preferred medium, if different. It is very important to show the student’s creativity, personality, abilities, and commitment in the portfolio.


Recommending the best schools available for each young artist and helping them develop a portfolio of the upmost caliber is our specialty. As a graduate of nationally recognized New World School of the Arts in Miami and Cooper Union in NYC, Angela Alés has first hand knowledge of what top ranked art programs look for and expect from applicants; and for over twenty years has been helping  students gain entry into both magnet art programs and art colleges. This class will prepare each student for both their local opportunities as well as the numerous scholarships available from the top ranked art colleges in the nation.


$120 monthly plan

$40 single class rate



Alés/Lores Art Studio

160 Western Avenue, Loft 216

Lowell, MA, 01851



Angela Alés:

Roneld Lores:


Please contact us prior to attending the first session.


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