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Drawing & Painting


For artists of all levels who wish to learn and master painting fundamentals, this class helps you with friendly, one-on-one coaching as well as inspiration from others. You will explore different mediums and techniques, color theory, conceptual developments and composition. Students will receive expert instruction in a low-stress and welcoming atmosphere. 



This class is an Open Studio format and features regular mini-lectures, short demonstrations and coaching to help you explore concept development, learn how to mix paint, create new compositions, and textures. Class sizes are kept small so that we can personalize each student's projects according to their needs and goals.


My mission for you is simple: I want you to create paintings, not pictures. I want to get you comfortable with the creative process. If I can help you make your own artwork using best practices in technique and composition, and get you further along the path of art through a wider appreciation of art history, even better. It is about finding your unique artistic voice.


  • Class is held in a professional studio setting (Alés/Lores Studio)

  • Easel will be provided. See list of materials needed for the class below.

  • Enrollment is open year-round depending on availability.

  • Free parking available.

  • Evening weekday classes are available.


$120 monthly plan

$40 single class rate


Alés/Lores Art Studio

160 Western Avenue, Loft 216

Lowell, MA, 01851



Angela Alés:

Roneld Lores:


Please contact us prior to attending the first session.



  1. acrylic paints (titanium white, cadmium yellow, cadmium red, phthalo green, phthalo blue, dioxazine purple, burnt sienna, raw umber and ivory black)

  2. oil paints: same colors as above. turpentine, linseed oil and a glass jar. (This is later on in the class. No need to purchase now)

  3. paintbrushes (different sizes, round and flat.)

  4. painting surface – canvas pad (18 x 24 inches), canvas (size of canvas will be discussed during our first class

  5. artist palette (best kind is the disposable paper palette)

  6. rag and paper towels

  7. mason jar for water

  8. soap for clean-up (Dawn or Murphy’s oil)

  9. fine vine charcoal & oil pastels

  10. fixative

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